Membership of the MAPPC is governed by Article IV of our By-Laws. Article IV details the available levels of membership as well as rules governing each membership type.

Membership available for those Current, Former, or Retired Law Enforcement/ Government Employee Polygraph Examiners. The Membership Fee is $50 per year.

Article IV: Membership Qualifications

  1. Active Membership
    • Must be a law enforcement polygraphist as defined in Article III
    • Must have demonstrated proficiency in the administration of polygraph examinations.
    • Active Members shall have the right to vote if the member's dues for that year are paid prior to the Training Seminar.
    • In order to maintain Active Membership it is necessary to attend within every two calendar year period at least one recognized polygraph seminar that equals no less than (40) total hours
    • Active Members may hold any MAPPC Office
    • Active Members may serve on any MAPPC Committee.
  2. Honorary Membership
    • Any person not eligible for Active Membership but who has rendered distinguished service and support to the polygraph profession.
    • Such person shall be nominated by a majority vote of the Executive Board and approved by majority vote of the membership at an Annual Business Meeting. Not more than one honorary membership will be awarded annually.
    • Honorary members are eligible to attend all MAPPC functions but are not eligible to vote or hold any elected office.
    • Honorary members shall have the right to participate in any MAPPC committee but not as a Chairperson.
    • Honorary members shall not be assessed any annual dues.
  3. Intern Membership
    • A Law Enforcement Polygraphists as defined in Article III, who has completed the classroom portion of an accredited polygraph school but has not completed an internship. No sooner than (6) months after successful completion of an accredited polygraph school and successful completion of a minimum of (50) polygraph exams, an Intern member may apply for Active Membership by sending a letter to the Membership Chair. The letter must be signed by a supervisor or Polygraph School Director and confirm the applicant has successfully completed the required (50) exams and the (6) month requirement.
    • The procedure for membership acceptance shall be the same as for Active Members.
    • Intern members are not eligible to vote or hold any elected office
    • Intern members do not have a voice at the Annual Meeting.
    • Intern members shall have the right to participate in all other activities of the MAPPC, but not serve on any committee.

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