Article I: Name

The name of the organization shall be the Mid- Atlantic Police Polygraph Cooperative Incorporated herein referred to as “MAPPC”. The power and right to authorize, control, and restrict the use of the name and/or insignia of MAPPC, while conducting any and all business, shall lie exclusively with the Executive Board and the Active Membership of the Mid-Atlantic Police Polygraph Cooperative Inc.

Article II: Objectives of the Mid-Atlantic Police Polygraph Cooperative

The Objectives of the Mid-Atlantic Police Polygraph Cooperative are:

  1. To encourage and develop cooperation among all American Law Enforcement Organizations in the application and utilization of accepted polygraph techniques.
  2. To promote and maintain the highest standards of ethics, integrity, honor and conduct in the polygraph profession.
  3. To provide an opportunity and forum for the exchange of information regarding polygraph experiences, studies and research.
  4. To cooperate with other national, regional and state polygraph associations and other professional organizations in matters of mutual interest and of benefit to the polygraph profession
  5. To encourage and support research, education, and training to promote a better understanding of the polygraph and its use.

Article III: Definitions

  1. Recognized Polygraph School: Any school or training academy which includes formal instruction pertaining to the use and application of the polygraph and whose curriculum has been formerly recognized and approved by either the American Polygraph Association (APA) or the American Association of Police Polygraphists (AAPP).
  2. American Law Enforcement Organization: A duly constituted law enforcement, investigative or intelligence agency acting pursuant to a grant of authority of the United States, a state government or a local government.
  3. Law Enforcement Polygraphists: Any United States citizen, who is a sworn current/ retired/ former member, or current/ retired/ former federal government employee of, an American Law Enforcement Organization whose responsibilities includes the administration of polygraph examinations for that employer; has met licensing/certification requirements mandated in the state of residence/practice; and is a graduate of a recognized polygraph school.
  4. Polygraph: Any instrument, either analog or computerized, which is, at a minimum, capable of the simultaneous visual and permanent recording of a person's:
    • Cardiovascular patterns and changes therein.
    • Respiratory patterns and changes therein.
    • Changes in skin resistance or conductance (electro dermal response/conductance).
    • Movements (Activity Sensor)
  5. Mid-Atlantic Region: The states of Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, West Virginia, Virginia shall comprise the Mid-Atlantic Region of the United States of America.

Article IV: Membership Qualifications

  1. Active Membership
    • Must be a law enforcement polygraphist as defined in Article III
    • Must have demonstrated proficiency in the administration of polygraph examinations.
    • Active Members shall have the right to vote if the member’s dues for that year are paid prior to the Training Seminar.
    • In order to maintain Active Membership it is necessary to attend within every two calendar year period one or more polygraph seminar(s) that equal no less than (40) total hours.
    • Active Members may hold any MAPPC Office.
    • Active Members may serve on any MAPPC Committee.
  2. Honorary Membership
    • Any person not eligible for Active Membership but who has rendered distinguished service and support to the polygraph profession.
    • Such person shall be nominated by a majority vote of the Executive Board and approved by majority vote of the membership at an Annual Business Meeting. Not more than one honorary membership will be awarded annually.
    • Honorary members are eligible to attend all MAPPC functions but are not eligible to vote or hold any elected office.
    • Honorary members shall have the right to participate in any MAPPC committee but not as a Chairperson.
    • Honorary members shall not be assessed any annual dues.
  3. Intern Membership
    • A Law Enforcement Polygraphists as defined in Article III, who has completed the classroom portion of an accredited polygraph school but has not completed an internship. No sooner than (6) months after successful completion of an accredited polygraph school and successful completion of a minimum of (50) polygraph exams, an Intern member may apply for Active Membership by sending a letter to the Membership Chair. The letter must be signed by a supervisor or Polygraph School Director and confirm the applicant has successfully completed the required (50) exams and the (6) month requirement.
    • The procedure for membership acceptance shall be the same as for Active Members.
    • Intern members are not eligible to vote or hold any elected office
    • Intern members do not have a voice at the Annual Meeting.
    • Intern members shall have the right to participate in all other activities of the MAPPC, but not serve on any committee

Article V: Officers of the Mid-Atlantic Police Polygraph Cooperative

The Executive Board of the Mid-Atlantic Police Polygraph Cooperative shall be comprised of the following positions: President/ Vice-President/ Secretary/ Treasurer/ Chairperson of the State Representatives.

  1. President
    The President shall be the presiding chairman of all meetings of the MAPPC. The President shall have general supervision over the affairs and administration of the MAPPC. The President shall have general supervision over the affairs and administration of the MAPPC. The President shall perform such duties as the Executive Board may properly assign to him or as may be provided by this Constitution/ By-Laws. The President shall represent the MAPPC at all Official Functions. The President shall call meetings of the MAPPC or the Executive Board when required to do so by a majority of the Executive Board or upon written request by one half of the voting members in good standing in the MAPPC.
  2. Vice-President
    The Vice-President shall carry out any duties requested of him by the President. The Vice-President shall preside over all official MAPPC functions in the absence of the President.
  3. Secretary
    The Secretary shall conduct correspondence relating to the MAPPC issue notices of all meetings, and cause to be entered in the proper books all resolutions, minutes and proceedings of the MAPPC and of the Executive Board. The Secretary shall maintain an active membership roster to include last known address and type of membership held.
  4. Treasurer
    The Treasurer shall serve as the custodian of all funds and securities of the MAPPC. The Treasurer shall act as financial advisor to the President and Executive Board on all budgetary matters and problems of finance. The Treasurer shall keep accurate records of receipts and disbursements, shall pay all bills promptly, and shall promptly deposit all funds in designated banks. The Treasurer shall make a report to the membership at each regular meeting of the MAPPC and the Executive Board as to the status of the Treasury when requested to do so.
  5. Chairperson of the State Representatives
    The Chairperson of the State Representatives shall serve as the elected representative of the state representatives from the following states: Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, West Virginia, Virginia. This position will be elected by the (9) state representatives
  6. Immediate Past President
    The Immediate Past President shall serve as an advisory member of the Executive Board and provide assistance to the President and Vice-President when needed. This position will ensure continuity and a smooth transition for the MAPPC as the incoming Executive Board becomes acclimated to the demands of their respective roles.
  7. Death or Resignation of Officers
    In the event of death or resignation of any Officer of the MAPPC, the President shall be empowered to appoint a member in good standing to serve the unexpired term of the deceased or resigned Officer. In the event of the death of the President, the immediate Past President shall perform the duties of the President until the next annual election. If the immediate past president is deceased or unable to serve, the Vice-President shall serve out the remainder of the term and a new Vice- President shall be elected.
  8. Election and Tenure of the Officers
    Elections of the Officers shall take place every (2) years at the Annual Training Seminar. All Officers shall be chosen by the majority of the membership present at the Business Meeting of that year. All elections of officers shall be by secret ballot when more than (1) candidate has been nominated for a specific office.

Article VI: Mid-Atlantic Police Polygraph Cooperative Committees

  1. Membership Committee
    This committee will review the character of and investigate the background of all applicants for membership. All applicants must be cleared by this committee prior to acceptance as a member.
  2. Finance Committee
    This committee shall audit all the finance accounts of the MAPPC annually and report to the membership at the Annual Meeting. The committee may be requested to conduct an audit and make a special report of finances to the Executive Board at any time, at the request of the Board.
  3. Grievance Committee
    This committee shall investigate grievance for complaints of any type presented in writing to the committee. The Grievance Committee will investigate and report the results of the investigation to the Executive Board. The Executive Board shall take appropriate action and report that action to the membership.
  4. Judiciary Committee
    This committee shall collect information on the following:
    • All pro and anti-polygraph legislation on both state and federal levels,
    • Past, current, and pending court decisions, and
    • The uses and admissibility of the polygraph in courts.
  5. Training/ Seminar Committee
    The President may appoint a training coordinator. The coordinator may be charged with matters related to instruction at the training seminars, such as the selection of instruction topics and qualified presenters.

Article VII: Annual Seminar and Meetings

  1. Annual Training Seminar
    The Annual Seminar will be held in during the Spring (February- May) of each year, unless otherwise recommended by the Executive Board to the membership and approved by majority vote of the members voting at an Annual Business Meeting. In order to attend MAPPC’s Training Seminar, attendees must also be eligible for membership in the organization.
  2. Annual Business Meeting
    The Annual Business Meeting will be held during each year’s Annual Training Seminar.

Article VIII: Dues of the Mid-Atlantic Police Polygraph Cooperative

Dues for Active/ Intern Membership to the MAPPC shall be ($50) for each calendar year (January 1- December 31). Dues shall be paid to the Treasurer of the MAPPC. Members shall have their membership automatically suspended for non-payment of dues if not paid within (1) year of the due date.

Article IX: Amendments

The Constitution and Bylaws may be amended at a scheduled meeting of the membership by a favorable vote of three quarters majority of the members present and voting. Amendments to be voted on shall have been sent to every member of the MAPPC at least thirty (30) days prior to being voted on and/or have been presented for the consideration at a prior meeting.

Amendments may be proposed by any member of the Executive Board and shall be submitted to the membership either on order of the Executive Board or on a petition signed by any ten (10) members in good standing in the MAPPC.

Amendments shall take effect immediately when approved, unless otherwise stated in the amendment

Article X: Discipline

Any member whose conduct injures or intends to injure, affects adversely its reputation, or which is contrary to or destructive of the purposes or objectives of the MAPPC shall be subject to disciplinary proceedings as follows:

All charges or allegations of misconduct by a member shall be submitted to the Executive Board of the MAPPC in writing. The Executive Board shall:

  • Conduct whatever preliminary investigation it may determine necessary and appropriate
  • Promptly inform the member against whom charges or allegations of misconduct have been made as to the nature thereof, and request a response thereto from the member.
  • Failure to provide requested information to the Executive Board shall by grounds for probation, suspension, or termination of membership.

Upon completion of the investigation, the MAPPC President, acting as the Chairman of the Executive Board, shall prepare a written report to include the following:

  • Summarization of Charges and Allegations against the Member
  • Response to the member thereto
  • Results of the Investigation
  • Chairman's Recommendation
    • Charges/ Allegations are without Merit and should be dismissed
    • Disciplinary Process should be instituted
  • Chairman shall mail a copy thereof to the member against whom the charges/ allegations have been made

In the event that the Board recommends that disciplinary proceedings should be instituted, the Chairman shall notify such member in writing of his/ her right to a hearing. If a hearing is requested, the member within (30) days after receiving such report, must do so in writing. Upon receiving such request, the Chairman shall set a date/ place for a hearing, designate a member of the Executive Board as the hearing Officer and notify the member thereof as well as all other persons interested in the matter. If the member does not request a hearing, the Chairman of Executive Board shall send a copy of such report to all other members of the Executive Board for action set forth below.

At the hearing, the hearing Officer shall hear sworn testimony of witnesses and receive all documents which relate to the issue in the matter and all documents which relate to the issue in the matter and all documents which relate to the issues in the matter and, upon completion of such hearing, prepare a written summary of such testimony and documents and send copies to all other members of the Executive Board and the member against whom the charges or allegations have been made.

The Executive Board shall then, by a majority vote, determine what disciplinary action, if any, should be taken against the member and in this regard may terminate such member’s membership in the Mid-Atlantic PPC, suspend such member’s membership for any period of time, or may place the member on probation for any period of time. The Chairman of the Board shall notify the member of the decision of the Executive Board.

In cases where a member has been convicted of a felony or a misdemeanor involving moral turpitude, his/her membership shall be terminated automatically upon the Executive Board being presented with a certified copy of the court record such conviction and no hearings or proceedings will be required.

Any member whose membership has been terminated by the Executive Board may re-apply for membership in the Mid-Atlantic PPC after (5) years have elapsed from the date of the termination. The Executive Board may consider such application on its merits, and at its discretion, may permit the member to regain his/ her membership provided that the member has produced satisfactory evidence he/ she ethically and professionally meets the standards of the Mid-Atlantic PPC for membership.

Article XI: Use of Mid-Atlantic Police Polygraph Cooperative Name/Logo

The name of the Mid-Atlantic Police Polygraph Cooperative and the use or reproduction of its logo shall be limited to the letterheads of members in good standing only. Any other use must be approved by a majority vote of the Executive Board. Any member in good standing may indicate on letterhead in autobiographies, biographies, or in any oral pronouncement that he/she holds membership in the Mid-Atlantic Police Polygraph Cooperative.

Article XII: Attorney

The President of the MAPPC may appoint an Attorney to represent the MAPPC the approval of the Executive Board. The attorney’s duties will include advising, preparing and rendering legal opinions on all legal matters pertaining to the MAPPC and representing the MAPPC as requested by the President.

Article XIII: Parliamentary Guidelines

Roberts Rules of Order (Revised) shall provide parliamentary guidelines for the conducting of MAPPC meetings. Robert’s Rules shall be used by the MAPPC as a guideline as deemed appropriate by the Executive Board, and/or as clarified by the MAPPC’s Constitution and By-laws.

Article XIV: Dissolution

Should the Mid-Atlantic Police Polygraph Cooperative be dissolved for any reason, all remaining funds, assets and property will be used to settle any outstanding financial obligations. The balance shall be transferred to the American Association of Police Polygraphists.

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